A story goes that a man, visiting from Florida, got into a cab in Los Angeles. He saw from the sign that the cabbie's name was Joe, so he asked, "So, Joe. How's the novel going?"
     The driver looked back at his passenger and replied, "Pardon, do I know you?"
     The passenger said, "No. We've never met."
     The driver, now curious, asked again, "Then how did you know I was writing a novel?"
     The passenger smiled and answered, "Everyone in Los Angeles is writing a novel."
     While that might not be literally true, it might be true enough for a lucky guess. Everyone wants to write a great novel or a great movie or a great song, and be a celebrity of some kind. That's because we all have our dreams. We all want to leave our mark and count for something. And so, guess what, me too.
     Now, maybe something I write will make it big, or maybe not. But either way, like any other aspiring author, I want to at least be read. And so, to that end, I'll be posting my stuff here on my own website. I hope you find something to enjoy. And if you're an agent and you really like something here, well, that would be great. You can use my Contact link to, well, contact me.