Let's face a disturbing fact: Governments have murdered far more people than all the criminals in history. That is why we have a second amendment. That amendment protects us from criminals, yes, of course. But more, it protects us from government tyranny. And notice too that it is not the third or fourth or tenth, it's the second; that is, immediately following the first. The first guarantees freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition. The second guarantees our right to protect those first amendment rights by force of arms. Specifically, it is the right of the people "to keep and bear arms." It is believed by many that war is the world's greatest evil. It is not. A far worse evil is genocide; that is, a war where only one side has guns. The second amendment is our safeguard against that.
         But even more important than the right to bear arms is the right to read our founding documents and understand their guarantees. Every American should read them, and every nation should copy them. Here then, for your pleasure, but more for your freedoms, are America's great founding documents.