Just a few simple tools that I use for myself. If any of them seem useful to you, help yourself.
         My amortize schedule amortizes a loan over thirty years or less. You can change the balance, the interest rates, and the payments for easy comparisons. And the nice thing about my schedule is that you can print it out on a single 8½ × 11 sheet of paper.
         My checkbook is just a checkbook and nothing more. It has 12 worksheets, one for each month, and each month fits nicely on a single 8½ × 11 sheet of paper. In the Balance column, you will have to copy the balance down for as far as you need it.
         My calendars fit neatly on a single 8½ × 11 sheet of paper (12 months, 12 sheets) which fits nicely into an old fashioned ring binder.