I write my tabs differently than you’re probably used to. First: I don't write fret numbers on the lines, I write them on the spaces. You will see six spaces representing the six strings rather than six lines. I do this because, frankly, I can't always tell an 8 from a 0 from a 3 when there's a line drawn through them. And besides, why should I obscure anything by drawing a line through it? We old guys don’t see as well as we used to. Second: I’ve created my own “timing marks” (I call them) below the strings to show what is a quarter note, an eighth note, etc. Timing is not so easy with tablature, not like regular notes, so I hope my timing marks help you.
         That’s it. I hope you enjoy my arrangements, and also my very simple, easy-to-navigate website. I'll keep adding songs, hopefully, obviously, to lure you back.