When I graduate from college in 1969, my aspiration was to teach math. Well, that never happened because with my family to support, and debts lingering, and a new career path suddendly opening up to me, I decided to pass on going the extra year for a teaching credential and instead become a computer programmer. That decision was not a mistake. That career served me well for thirty years.
     But still, I had an itch to teach, and I satisfied that itch by tutoring. Not all the time, not even most of the time, but sometimes. And I discovered that I had a knack for it. My particular joy in it was when I would get a kid who was failing in math and was so intimidated by it that he or she didn't even dare to ask questions in class, and then to bring that kid up to an A level in two months. That was the thrill of it.
     Well, even that has waned now in my old age and retirement. Even my grandkids, who are good at everything (thanks in some part to me), no longer need me.
     So, what to do? Well, write. Whenever I do have some success story to tell, I've decided to write down what I successfully taught so that perhaps someone can learn. That's all. I hope what I have here will be useful to you or someone you know.