Beat the Stock Market With MINIMAL RISK

      Of course stocks are risky. When you buy a stock, there's a 50% chance it will go down and not up, sort of like flipping a coin. Then why play if you can't win? Because you can win. How? Because it's not like flipping a coin, it’s more like roulette. So, let’s consider roulette.
      The roulette wheel has 18 black spots, 18 red spots, and 2 green spots. When the ball lands on a green spot, the house wins.  So that on any spin, the probability of you winning is slightly less than 50%. In other words, over time, you lose. But you don't want to lose, you want to win. How do you win? Simple. Own the wheel! — and its green spots! Be the house. So that the odds of you winning on any spin are slightly greater than 50%. That tilt in the odds is why the house is rich and why the players are not.
      But, you say, I’m not Donald Trump, I can’t own a casino or roulette wheels or their green spots. I reply, but we’re not talking about roulette, we’re talking about the stock market, which, like roulette, has two green spots and anyone, including you, can own them. The stock market's two green spots are dividends and option premiums. Read Full Article

Beat the Stock Market With NO RISK AT ALL

     That would be a dream come true, wouldn’t it? To invest and know that you cannot lose money. But that would be only half the dream, the other half is to get a decent yield. After all, your money is safe in a bank, insured by FDIC, but so what? If it earns less than one percent interest, that's not good. The goal is to have it both ways: a decent yield and 100% guaranteed safe. There is only one investment vehicle I know of that does both: a Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIA).
     But Why Would It Matter? A friend of mine just told me that he had lost his job. He'd been with his company for 25 years, and now, just 3 years before retiring, they laid him off. His chances of finding other employement are non-existant at his age, and he's not fully vested in his retirement plan, and now his health plan is going to cost him a bundle. So he and his wife are in serious trouble. Yes, there is social security, but not yet. He has to survive a few more years before applying.
     So, how secure is your job? I mean, really. Truth is, your job may not be so secure and could, at any minute, just disappear. Read Full Article